Extending the life of a garment is an essential step to implement an efficient and effective circular economy system.


Transforming a worn-out garment into new fabric is an invaluable wealth for our planet.


Impact Reuse and recycling lead to a significant reduction in emissions and waste of water resources.


Companies are subject to checks aimed at ensuring the quality of products and production systems.

What is Corertex

From over a century of experience and from the large numbers of the Prato textile district, the idea and the need to create Corertex, a textile reuse and recycling consortium, was born.

Eight companies, six active in reuse and two in recycling, come together to respond in the best possible way to the green turning point promoted by the European Union.

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The problem is not necessarily the amount of discarded clothes; it’s what happens to them. “There is no such thing as trash, just useful stuff in the wrong place.”

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The Prato District processes 1 kg cycles of pre- and post-consumer waste annually.

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Tons of recycled textile raw materials every year.

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The consumption in tons of raw materials in 2022.

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For well over a century, the Circular Economy has resided in PRATO.

All in Prato, and all in tatters, ends the story of Italy.

Curzio Malaparte